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Coconut Seedling Subsidy

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Coconut seedling can be purchased

Up to 25 bare rooted coconut seedlings could be purchased directly from Coconut Cultivation Board Nurseries.

If more than 25 seedlings are required then make an application to Regional Manager of the Coconut Cultivation Board.

Poly bagged seedlings are also available from Coconut Cultivation Board, Head Office.

Available varities

1.�������� CRIC 65�������� (DxT) Suitable for wet zone and home gardening

Bearing age – 3 � yr

2.�������� CRIC 60�������� (TxT) Suitable for Dry zone

Bearing age – 5 yr

3.�������� Morroc x Tall – Suitable for dry zone

4.�������� Thambiti : Bearing age- 4 yrs


Rs. 100.00 for bare rooted seedling

Rs. 175.00 for poly bag seedling


Organization Information

Coconut Cultivation Board

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawath

Mr. M.J.S. Ravisinghe
Fax Nos:0115549507

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