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Personal Loans Schemes

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Rata Ithuru Loan
Personal Loans
NSB Auto Loan
Speed Loan - Loan against Fixed Deposits
Ran Sahana - Pawning Facility

Rata Ithuru Loan

National Savings Bank, which has always been your friend in need, offers housing loan facilities with a host of special concessions to enable Sri Lankan migrant employees abroad to obtain housing loans.

  • For what purposes are loans granted?

To construct or purchase a house of your own.
To purchase a block of land to build a house.
To complete construction of a new house or for extensions/repairs of an existing house.
To repay a loan obtained from a recognised financial institution for housing purposes.
Who can obtain housing loans?

If you are ...

permanently employed abroad and in receipt of a monthly salary.
employed abroad on contract basis and in receipt of a monthly salary.
self-employed abroad and in receipt of a monthly income
You will be required to open a "Rata Ithuru" savings account before applying for a housing loan and remit a sum equivalent to the loan installment to be credited to the account, before obtaining the final loan installment.

  • What is the quantum of loan one can obtain?

The quantum of loan will be determined on the following considerations:

Nature of the applicant's contract of employment and his repayment capacity.
Age of the applicant.
Value of the property to be mortgaged.
Purpose of the loan applied
In case of persons, working abroad without a formal contract or on self-employed basis, they will also become eligible for a housing loan under the "Ithurum Niwasa" housing loans scheme. Any person who wishes to obtain a housing loan under this scheme will be required to open a "Ithurum Niwasa" savings account. The period of repayment will be determined by taking into consideration the nature of the contract of the employment.

The maximum loan amount that could be obtained under the "Ithurum Niwasa" Savings Scheme will be Rs. 1 Mn. irrespective of the purpose.

  • How much of time is allowed for repayment of a loan?

The repayment period is 05 years. However, this could be extended up to 10 years, depending on the nature of the contract of the employee.
The maximum age limit before which you should complete your repayment of the loan is 65 years.
Is it necessary to offer a security in order to obtain a housing loan?

Yes. The house/land to be constructed/purchased or the house to be completed/repaired/extended, or another immovable property should be mortgaged to the Bank as a security for your loan.

Personal Loans

Everybody has his or her own personal needs. NSB offers a personal loan scheme to meet your financial needs.

A personal loan will be offered to, purchase consumer goods, bear healthcare expenditure / travel abroad / higher education or any other acceptable personal need other than a commercial purpose.

You will be able to apply for a loan up to Rs. 1,000,000/- depending on your repayment capacity and the loan can be applied on immovable property mortgage or with two guarantors.

Personal loans carry a maximum repayment period of 36 months, for which extensions could be considered if the borrower wishes to mortgage an immovable property of an acceptable value.

Group Personal Loan

Personal loan can be applied as a group loan and can be obtained up to Rs. 1,000,000/- or lesser amount depending on the repayment capacity by an individual belong to this group.

NSB Auto Loan

“Dreaming of your own vehicle?”

NSB auto loan is there to make your own vehicle a reality. You make the right choice by selecting NSB auto loan with the lowest interest rate, convene repayment options and with out any hidden charges.
NSB auto loan interest is fixed for the entire repayment period of loan and you can keep the ownership when mortgage the vehicle to the Bank to obtain the loan

  • What are the basic requirements?

If you are……

18 years of age and bellow 60 years of age by the time of loan is settled.
Purchasing an unregistered vehicle, only for the personal use.
a permanent employee.
able to submit salary slips and bank statements for the past 6 months
What is the loan amount can obtain?
Up to the lesser of 75% of the value of the vehicle or sum of 5 years gross salary of the applicant

  • What is the repayment period?

Up to 5 years

Speed Loan - Loan against Fixed Deposits

When you are in need of cash, you always prompt to en-cash your fixed or savings deposits. With our speed loan facility, you need not to en cash your deposit. You can obtain a speed loan against your deposit up to a maximum of 90% of your deposit. You can enjoy a repayment period up to 36 months (3 years). Your interest payment is more than 2.5% on annual effective interest rate (AER) of the deposit. You can obtain this loan facility within few minutes.

Ran Sahana - Pawning Facility

“Your Golden Hope”

NSB "Ran Sahana" pawning service is a friend in need when you are in urgent financial difficulties in deed.

NSB offers:
•The highest value for gold.
•The lowest interest rates
•Flexible repayment schemes
•Complete confidentiality
•No assaying (grinding) of gold jewellery
•Deduction of 1% in interest rate for “Sthree” account holders.*

  • What is NSB Special "Ran Sahana" Pawning Service?

NSB pawning service is available even after normal business hours. Our valued customers can avail this service from 15.30 hours to 16.45 hours for this pawning transaction at their own privacy.

What you have to do is, just to call our 24x7 hours NSB Call Centre (2 379379) and inform them the most convenient branch which you prefer to get this service done. Call Centre representative will make necessary arrangements after consulting the branch within a while and will inform you promptly.

For more details contact NSB Call Center - (0112379379) 24 Hour Service


Organization Information

National Savings Bank

Head Office
"Savings House"
255, Galle Road,
Colombo 3,
Sri Lanka.

Mr.E.M.M.G. Ekanayake
Telephones:0112379379 (Call Centre)
Fax Nos:0112379333

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