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Refund of installment

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Reasons and required documents.

1)      Received a government pensionable job

i)                    Request letter to refund.

ii)                   Certified copy  of appointment letter.(Certified by Grama Niladhari, Jp, Or SSB District Co-ordinating  Officer)

iii)                 Policy issued by SSB.

iv)                 Installment Passbook.



2)      Pension date exceeded and installment paid greater than 25% and Less than 75% .

i)                    Request letter to refund.

ii)                   Policy issued by SSB.

iii)                 Installment Passbook



For more details for any other reasons pls. make a call to SSB Refund Department

Organization Information

Sri Lanka Social Security Board

No: 125

Nawala Road


Colombo 05

Sri Lanka

Ms. Dayani Pushpalatha
Telephones:011 2369321, 0112369141
Fax Nos:011 2369321, 0112369141

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