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Issuance of Flight Instructor Rating

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Issuance of Flight Instructor Rating

Eligibility: Holder of current Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Method of submitting application:-

Places where application form could be obtained:- Personnel licensing section of CAASL Or CAASL web site (www.

Payment for application:- Rs; 5,600.00

Time to submit application:- Between 08.30 hrs to 15.30 hrs

Fees paying to obtain this service:- Rs. 5,145.00

Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service) No priority service. 03 days from completion of requirements for normal Services.

Necessary Supporting documents

Valid CPL or ATPLwith Assistant Flight Instructor Rating issued by another ICAO contacting State

Complete 500hrs on Pilot in Command Complete 100hrs as Flight Instructions

Complete instructional 50 hrs on applicable aircraft

Log book copies

Pass Knowledge Technical examinations conducted by CAASL

Pass flight test conducted by CAASL approved Examiner

Staff Officers in charge of the Service

Post :Deputy Director (Personel Licensing)

Division :Personnel Licensing Section

Telephone No:011 2358925 n

Fax :011 2304691


Organization Information

Civil Aviation Authority

Minuwangoda Road (Opposite Radar Tower),

Ms. Lakpani Dias
Fax Nos:011-2257154

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