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Personal Monitoring Service

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The Atomic Energy Regulations make it mandatory for all users of radioactive materials and irradiating apparatus to be monitored by personal monitoring devices approved by the Atomic Energy Authority. The General Scientific Division provides a personal monitoring service for occupational exposure control of radiation workers island-wide, using thermo-luminescent dosimeters (TLDs).

Who is eligible for PMS?

Radiation worker who is likely to receive 1/3 of permissible annual limit of whole body radiation dose, 20mSv, OR Radiation workers recommended by Radiation Protection Division of AEA (Regulatory body).

Instructions to request the PMS:

An official request has to be made (Request Form, instruction sheets) along with the duly signed Bio-data form and Personal Data Form.
Manual of Personal Monitoring Service for technical details.


Personal Monitoring Service (PMS) Charges

  • A TLD Holder (To be used throughout the service)
Rs. 1700.00 (Excluding VAT + NBT)
  • A TLD Holder Opener (To be used throughout the service)
Rs. 4875.00 (Excluding VAT + NBT)
Service charge for processing and reporting result for a survey period.  
  • Charge per TLD card for bi-monthly service
Rs. 272.50
  • Charge per TLD card for monthly service
Rs.   218.00



TLD cards are issued free of charge. In the event that TLD cards are lost or damaged, cost of cards will be recovered at the prevailing rate at that time. Current price of a TLD card is Rs. 4100.00 (without Taxes)


All charges are subjected to 2% NBT & 12% VAT.
Taxes are calculated by using following formula:   Taxes= [(Service charge x 102/100) x 12/100]



Organization Information

Atomic Energy Board

Baseline Road,

MS. H.L.C. Nanayakkara
Telephones:+94 112 533 427 / 8, +94 112 533 449
Fax Nos:+94 12 533 448

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