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Principal Services rendered by the Institution

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Conditions for Vessels registration at Fishery Harbours (Local)

1.Request letter for registration by Vessels owners

2.Vessels should be registered under the Department of Fisheries

3.Using Fish catching methods (Fishing Gear) should be approved by Department of Fisheries.

4.Regisration of Ownership.

5.Should be submited details of owners and crew members.

6.Vessels should be operating under the rules and regulations of department of Fisheries and Ceylon
Fishery Harbours Corporation.

7.Agree to pay relevant charges for each survices renderd by Fishery harbours.

8.Vessels should be registered under the Fishery harbour of Ceylon Fisheries Harbour Corporation and if registerd, relevant vessel eligible to obtain service from any operatonal fishery Harbour.


Conditions of Vessels registration at Fishery Harbours (International)

1.Vessels owners or particular companies should be registed under the Board of Investment.

2.Certificate of Company registration of Vessels owners or particular company.

3.Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development approval for the particular vessels intend to operate from srilankan harbours.

4.Company profile with Authorized signatures.

5.Request letter for registration ofvessels & relevant data, specifications &propose harbour for operation.

6.Agree to pay relevant charges for each survices renderd to Fishery harbours and agree to obey the rules and regulations of Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development, Department of Fisheries and Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation.

7.Harbour manager conformation & approval for operation of proper vessel ( as per the specification given)

8.Should be submitted the certified copies of each documents with original.

Common facilities providing by Fishery Harbours

01.Safe Anchoring and other shore facilities.
02.Security Radio satalite communication Facilities
03.Fuel ,lubricants,water & Electricity supply facilities
04.Fish unloading facilities
05.Auction Hall facilities
06.Net Menting Hall facilities
07.Vesels lifting & Workshop facilities
08.Ice & Cold Room facilities
09.Community Hall ,Welfare shops & Banking Facilities
10.Fisherman Toilets, Bath rooms and waste disposal Facilities


Organization Information

Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation

Rockhouse Lane,
Colombo 15.


Telephones:2522947,2523051, 2524607, 2529394
Fax Nos:

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