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Procedures for korean recruitment

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Send Sri Lankan jobseekers for employment to Korea under the Employment Permit System (EPS) conducted in accordance to the MoU signed between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of South Korea.

Operational Location: Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment ,No. 234, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Koswatta, Battaramulla
Telephone Number: 0112880500/0112864124
Email :

Deputy General Manager  - 0112872124
Manager  - 0112864124


  • Conduct the Korean Language Examination to select candidates for employment in Korea
  • Register details of candidates who pass the language examination under the EPS
  • Send selected candidates to Korea and look into the welfare of returnees

Requirements to be fulfilled to apply for a job in Korea:

  • A healthy person between the age of 18-39
  • The candidate should be a person who has not been imprisoned or convicted of a serious offence
  • Who has not stayed illegally in Korea even for one day
  • Applicant should not have a travel ban imposed on him / her

Where and How to obtain the application form for the Korean language examination:
The dates of issuing applications are decided by the Korean Human Resources Development office. The dates and venues of issuing applications are informed to the general public through printed and electronic media and it is also published in the SLBFE website.

Examination results are also published in the SLBFE website.

Required documents to sit for the Korean Examination:

  • Examination admission form
  • Passport

Examination Fee: USD 24 (to be paid in rupees calculated according to the prevailing dollar exchange rate at the time of payment of the fee)

How to obtain an application form for the examination

  • Passport and a copy of the passport (to be obtained at 80% copy ratio)
  • Validity period of the passport should not be less than 1 years
  • Copy of the passport used to return to Sri Lanka – copy of the pages in the passport indicating the date of departure from Sri Lanka and arrival to Sri Lanka

Mandatory requirements to be followed when migrating for employment to South Korea -

  • Hair (Note - 2) and beard should be trimmed
  • White collar t-shirt, blue denim and deck shoes
  • Should come to SLBFE on the date of the departure at the informed time
  • After arriving in Korea there will be a 03 day training programme. Two black trousers and two white short hand shirts are to be taken for this training programme
  • Maximum weight that can be carried when travelling by air is 27kg. It is indicated in the air ticket as 20kg for the Main Luggage and 7kg for the Hand Luggage
  • 04 passport size photographs (white background)
  • When leaving Sri Lanka at least 150-200 dollars (i.e. around Rs. 30,000) should be taken.
  • A copy of the savings account book should be taken and the swift code of the bank should also be written on the copy
  • If medicines are taken the prescription should also be taken with the medicine
  • Alcohol should not be consumed in the plane as the jobseekers have to undergo a medical examination in Korea
  • You should be aware of the content inside packages given by family members of employees working in Korea to be delivered to them. You are responsible for the items carried in your possession into Korea.
  • On the date of departure the identification certificate should be returned to the SLBFE officer in charge
  • According to the Immigration law of Korea vegetables and fruits cannot be brought inside the Country. You should not carry any such items inside your luggage (This does not include cooked food).
  • The Immigration Form and Customs clearance form should be duly filled at the Incheon Airport in Korea. The forms could be obtained at the Incheon Airport.
  • An officer from the Sri Lanka Embassy in Korea and Korean Human Resource Department will be at the Incheon Airport to receive you on your arrival at the airport.

Please Note:
All of the above requirements except the 03 days training and identification certificate are required for Jobseekers migrating for the second time (Re-entry).


Organization Information

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,koswatta,

Mr. M. S Vidanapathirana
Telephones:+94-11-2864101-5 ,+94 11 2880500
Fax Nos:+94-11-2880500

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