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The Role of the Ministry of Sports

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In terms of the Gazette (Extraordinary) dated 21.09.2015 published by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka the tasks and activities to be performed by the Ministry are as follows:

1.    Formulation of policies monitoring and evaluation of sports related subjects of Departments and Statutory institutions under the purview of the Ministry.
2.    Taking necessary action to encourage sports activities and provision of necessary infrastructure facilities in order to achieve desired tasks
3.    Promotion of sports education
4.    Work out new methodologies and programmes in order to make use of the sport to build Sri Lanka’s image internationally.
5.    Promotion of necessary facilities and coordination which is imperative for physical fitness of the general public.
6.    All other activities relevant to the subjects assigned to the associate Departments, statutory bodies and public corporations affiliated to the Ministry of Sports.
7.    Supervision of associated departments, statutory bodies and public corporations affiliated to the Ministry of Sports.

To carry out the above tasks the following institutions have been established under the Ministry of Sports.
1    Sports Development Department
2    Sugathadasa National Sports Complex Authority
3    National Institute of Sports Science
4    Institute of Sports Medicine
5    Sri Lanka Anti-Doping Agency

Organization Information

Ministry of Provincial Councils, Local Government and Sports

No 9,
Philip Gunawardana Road,
Colombo- 07

Ms. Kamani Ajantha Sooriyarachchi
Telephones:+94 11 2 685390, +94 11 2 697934
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 689161

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