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Sterilization of Medical Products and Food Irradiation

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2.1.1        Eligibility :  Places where application form could be obtained:-           

        Download from the web: or By contacting SLGC through,  
        E mail:
  Time to submit application:-

Normal Office Hours  Fees paying to obtain this service:-

A.      For medical Products sterilization at 25 kGy, 

Volume  per month

(Cubic Meter)

Rate (LKR)without taxes

More than 251


101 to 250


Less than 100


              B.     For Food Irradiation, Quotation will be sent after receiving the information on     Product, volume and required  dose.  

C.     For Sample Irradiation  , LKR 4,000 (without taxes) per run at doses less than 10 kGy. Every additional 10 kGy, LKR  1000 (without taxes) will be charged.

2.1.2        Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)

              Medical Products Sterilization – Within two weeks ,Food Irradiation – Within two weeks

              Sample irradiation – within a week or less

  Contact : Director Mrs.Anoma Rathnayake 0112487755-56


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