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Canceling the Registration of a Fishing Vessels

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Qualification Criteria
The vessel in question should be unusable
The vessel or it’s parts should be submitted to the authorized person sent by the director generals department

Note:If qualification requirements are not met this service request to be rejected

Support Documents Required
Registration booklet of the vessel
Notice to the effect that the vessel will not be used

Submission procedure
Step 1: Obtain the application form Fisheries 59 from the Fisheries inspector
Step 2: Submit the filled application form and support documents to the Area Fisheries Inspector.
Step 3:Fisheries inspector & assistant marine engineer inspects the vessel

Application forms: Application for Canceling of Vessel Registration - Fisheries 59

Step 1: Notify the area fisheries inspector that the vessel is unusable
Step 2: Obtain the form Fisheries 59 from the area Fisheries inspector
Step 3:  Submit the application form and the support document to the area Fisheries Office
Step 4: The fisheries inspector & the marine engineer visits the area where the vessel is checks whether it’s unusable
Step 5: Fisheries inspector & assistant District Marine Engineer reports on the status of all the parts
Step 6: Fisheries inspector Sends the form “Fisheries 59” and the relevant documents to the district assistant director.
Step 7: District assistant director sends the relevant documents to the director general
Step 8: Director General will either approve or decline the application


Process Time Line: This process takes up nearly 2 weeks

Submission Time Line
Obtain Application Form

Working Days – Monday to Friday
Counter Open Hours – 9:00 am to 4:45 pm
Except on government holidays

Submit Application Form

Working Days – Monday to Friday
Counter Open Hours – 9:00 am to 4:45 pm
Except on government holidays

Validity Time Line: Not mentioned

Costs Related to the Service

Cost: No cost involved

Fee: This service is proved free of charge

Penalties: No penalties involved

Surcharge: No additional costs involved.

Organization Information

Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

3rd Floor,
New Secretariat,
Colombo 10.

Mr. A. Ariyasena Fernando
Telephones:0094-11-2446183 / 0094-11-2472187 / 0094-11-2449170
Fax Nos:0094-11-2449170

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