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Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts

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  • Prevention of liquor Prgramme. Jayawiru Samadi Institute at Puwakpitiya.
  1. The Rehabilitation of drug-addicts is being carried out by the Samadi Institute at Puwakpitiya and the drug-addicts of 30 years of age and below will be recruited for said training. Two months residential training is given at this institute.
  2. An admission fees Rs. 150.00 will be charged from every inmate admitted for rehabilitation. As membership fee of the Welfare Society of the Samadi Institute a sum of Rs. 200.00 will be charged and a further sum of Rs.200.00 will be charged for welfare activities of the inmates.
  3. These who voluntarily leave stating that no rehabilitation is needed for their during the rehabilitation course or who abandon the course, should pay residential fee of Rs.1500.00 to the in statute if they wish to get re-admitted to the institute.
  4. In case of those who wish to re-enter for the third time after voluntarily leaving for second time or who abandon during the rehabilitation they must pay residential fee of Rs.4000.00 to the institute.
  5. The clients who are socialized after rehabilitation will be referred to Navodaya institute No.122, Waxall street, Colombo 02 for further counseling and vocational training.
  6. Even at the very beginning of drug addiction one may seek counseling at Institute of Navodaya.
  • Jayawiru Samadi Institute client’s Agreement.

Conditions to be followed before getting admitted for rehabilitation here.

  1. Before admittance to the institute the client must allow to examine him and his all belongings to an officer of the institute and thereafter all belongings must be handed over.
  2. After admittance to the institute he should abstain from smoking, betel chewing, using drugs or equivalent acts.
  3. The inmate must act in accordance with the decisions taken by the officers of the institute in regard to his welfare and progress and must follow advice.
  4. They must follow the daily time table of the institute. They must engage in the activities required by their counselors.
  5. They must use the properties, instruments and electricity of the institute with safety and economically.
  6. They should support the leader selected from among the inmates.
  7. Whenever any problems or disagreements arise among the clients those must be resolved with the advice and guidance the leader of the group or counselors and the relevant officers.
  8. You will not be allowed to move out of the institute for of 2 months in view of the treatment and rehabilitation requirements.
  9. The inmates must hold the responsibility of visiting their home and coming back definitely when the counselors advise them to do so after considering their progress.
  10. Under no circumstances the inmates should leave the premises of the institute without permission of the counselors or officers of the institute.
  11. Parents, guardians or relations can meet inmates upon the prior permission of the counselors of the institute during the prescribed time under the supervision of such officers.
  12. The clients will not be met by persons the persons named at the time of admittance to the institute.
  13. Any dealings with outside people should be avoided.
  14. The food or any other things given by the outsiders should not be accepted without being examined by staff officer.
  15. No person shall overly or otherwise provoke inmates who have shown preventive signs or compel them to flee from the institute.
  16. The inmates must show same progress of their behavior and spiritual development during the period of rehabilitation.
  17. They must fully participate in the development activities of this institute and show progress in their external behavior with a higher level of spiritual discipline.

Eligibility: The need to be free from drug addition

Process of Submitting Applications:
No. 150 A,
Nawala road,

Places From Where Applications can be Obtained:
From Deputyt Director at the office.

Charges Payable for Obtaining of Applications

Time for Submission of Applications: During office hours

Charges Payable for Obtaining the Service: The details are mentioned

Time Taken to Provide the Service (Ordinary service and Priority service): The person concerned will be detained for 3 months residential

Supporting Documents Required: (Drug prevention activity)

Staff Officer in charge of the Service

Designation Name Division Telephone
Assistant Director Mr. Shantha Ashok Kumara Service +94-112-187042

Exceptions or Instances Outside the Above Requirements and Special Information

Specimen Application Form


Organization Information

Department of Social Services

Department of Social Services
2nd Floor,
Sethsiripaya Stage II,

Mr. Pradeep Yasaratne
Fax Nos:0112186276

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Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts

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