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International Fund Transfers of Bank of Ceylon

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Swift Transfers

  • The Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication (“SWIFT”) operates a worldwide financial messaging network which exchanges messages between banks and other financial institutions. SWIFT is a cooperative society owned by its member financial institutions.
  • The majority of international inter-bank messages use the SWIFT network.
  • Each member bank of SWIFT is identified by it’s SWIFT Code (i.e. Bank Identifier Code (BIC)
  • SWIFT Code of Bank of Ceylon is BCEYLKLX.This code covers our entire branch network in Sri Lanka.
  • SWIFT system can be used for variety of international banking operations by the member banks for customers and their own transactions.

It Mainly Covers Under Mentioned Type of Transactions.

  1. International Customer money transfers
  2. International Inter-bank money transfers
  3. Money Markets transactions
  4. Securities, Central Bank instruments (TBills)
  5. Treasury Markets – Metals, Syndications
  6. Documentary Credits and Guarantees

Telegraphic Transfers
Electronic Bank to Bank fund transfer system.

Web Base Fund Transfers

  • BOC e-cash
  • BOC e Cash is able to credit remittances from anywhere in the world within 24 hours to your BOC Account.
  • BOC e Cash presently operative in


  1. Gulf Exchange Co.
  2. National Exchange Co.
  3. Trust Exchange
  4. Al Saad Exchange Co.
  5. Eastern Exchange Co.
  6. Al Dar for Exchange works
  7. UAE Exchange Centre


  1. Habib Exchange Co.
  2. Wall Street Exchange Co.
  3. Allukkas Exchange Co.
  4. UAE Exchange Co.
  5. Al Rostamani Int. Exchange Co.
  6. Al Ahaliya Money Exchange


  1. Zenj Exchange Co.


  1. Arab National Bank (Tele Money )


  1. Services Exchange Co.(SECO)


  1. Dollarco Exchange Co.
  2. Kuwait India International Exchange Co.


  1. Bank of India


  1. Serandib Financial Service
  2. Kapruka (Pvt) Ltd.


  1. Bank of Ceylon


  1. Asia Express Exchange
  2. Oman & UAE Exchange


  1. Lotus Forex Exchange


  1. Bank of Ceylon


  1. International Express Remittance



  • Express Money Service Ltd. is a Private Limited Co.incorporated in UK.
  • Their Agent Representation within 72 countries.
  • X Press Money offers its customers a portfolio services as X Press Cash
  • The X Press Cash is a person to Person retail instant money transfer system.
  • The purpose of identification 16 digits no called XPIN.
  • X Press Cheque
  • X Press Swift

Money Gram - 8 Digits Pin No.

  • Money Gram International Limited (MIL) is the company responsible for marketing oneyGram service outside of the Americas.
  • The Head Office is in London, with regional offices currently in Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, Dubai, Moscow and Johannesburg, and satellite offices in Athens, Madrid, Frankfurt, Brussels and Rome.

Ez Remit

  • The eZ Remit is a person to person retail instant money transfer system
  • The purpose of identification 12 digits no called PIN.
  • Coinstar Payments
  • 09 Digits Pin Number

Service Available

  • 145 Countries
  • 22,000 locations


Organization Information

Bank of Ceylon

No.1, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha

Bank of Ceylon Square
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka

Mr. S.M.Paranagama
Telephones:+94-11-2446790-811/+94-11-2338741 –55
Fax Nos:+94-11-2321160

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