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Credit Cards of Bank of Ceylon

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3.1    Issue a New Credit Card


3.1.1     Eligibility:   A Citizen or a resident of Sri Lanka who is above 18 years of age having independent

       financial means.


3.1.2     Method of submitting application: - Should not be over 70 years of age.     Places where application form could be obtained: - Bank of Ceylon Branches     Payment for application: -   N/A   Time to submit application: -   Within Banking hours   Fees paying to obtain this service: - Relevant Joining Fee will be charged to the Card.


3.1.3   Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service): -

·        3 working days after receiving the completed documents.


3.1.4   Necessary Supporting documents: - 

·        Copy of NIC/Passport/Driving/ License

·        Certified Copy of pay slip as income proof document

·        Letter from employer confirming salary and designation

·        Copy of utility bill in order to prove the residence


3.1.5     Staff Officers in charge of the Service









Evaluation Officer

 K.G.I. Lakmali

H.B. Arundathi

L.L.R.D.N. Perera

R.G.S.L. Gunathilake

Credit Card Issuing









3.1.6     Exceptions, instances not included above and special information: -  


3.1.7     Application Form (Attach Form) :-   N/A


3.1.8     Completed specimen application form (attach completed form) :-           N/A



Type of the Card Limit Rs. Security Clean Salary
Chip Card Over 200,000/- Fixed Deposit
NRFC Deposit
Treasury Bill
Savings Account (100%)
- -
Master Gold Over 200,000/-
Affinity card limit
Over 100,000/-
factors :
or not
- Salary
- Customer
Rs.100,000/- (This limit vary on the position).

Master Standard

Minimum 25,000/-
For customers –Net Salary over20,000/-
Non-customers – Gross salary over40,000/-
Visa International Gold Over 200,000/- -
Visa International Classic Over 25,000/- - For customers –Net Salary over
Non-customers –Gross salary over 40,000/-
Visa Local Gold Over 50,000/- - For customers –Net Salary over 35,000/-
Non-customers– gross salary over 50,000/-
Visa Local Classic Over 15,000/- - - Over 15,000/-

BOC Black card


Eligibility Rs. 250000/- per month or higer Income

Main credit limit Rs.750000/-

contact No.2447823/2204703


Organization Information

Bank of Ceylon

No.1, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha

Bank of Ceylon Square
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka

Mr. S.M.Paranagama
Telephones:+94-11-2446790-811/+94-11-2338741 –55
Fax Nos:+94-11-2321160

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