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Forward Exchange Contracts By Bank of Ceylon

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A firm and binding contract between the customer and the bank for sale or purchase of foreign currency at a rate of exchange fixed at the time of the establishing the contract.

Why Forward Exchange

  1. To hedge against exchange fluctuations
  2. To Ascertain the exact cost going to be.
  3. To mobilize sufficient funds in the future date when the payment obligation arise.
  • Exporter can agree to sell foreign currency in the future date.By doing so he can fixed his future income and book his profit margin etc.
  • Importer will buy forward foreign exchange and fix his cost of Imports. He can decide the selling price after considering his other expenses and book his profit margin.

Organization Information

Bank of Ceylon

No.1, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha

Bank of Ceylon Square
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka

Mr. S.M.Paranagama
Telephones:+94-11-2446790-811/+94-11-2338741 –55
Fax Nos:+94-11-2321160

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