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Checking of soil samples for acidity

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The land should be located in one of the undernoted currently tea planting districts in Sri Lanka.

Galle Kalutara Matale
Matara Kegalle Kurunegala
Ratnapura Moneragala Colombo
Kandy Badulla
Nuwaraeliya Hambantota

Application procedure

A request regarding this need could be made either by a letter or other method to Offices of a society / Tea Inspector Extension Officer, Sub Offices or Extension Centres of the Tea Small Holdings Development Authority.

Obtaining soil samples

  1. Select several places from the land from which soil samples are expected to be taken.
  2. Remove soil on these places up to a depth of about 3 cm. Thereafter, obtain a soil sample each from these places up to depth of about 6 inches.
  3. Heap the soil thus obtained after mixing well.Divide this in to four parts and remove soil of two opposing parts. Bulk the remaining two parts.
  4. Mix well the part thus bulked, heap, divide in to four parts and remove two opposing parts as previously. Bulk remaining two parts.
  5. Mix the soil for several times in this manner and finally obtain one sample.
  6. If the place from where soil is obtained for nurseries is large and soil is varying, prepare a sample each from different places separately, as mentioned above.
  7. Insert soil samples obtained from different places in polythene bags. Mark the places from where soil samples are obtained differently for identification. Insert the same mark in the soil samples obtained from respective places.
  8. Hand over these samples well in advance to the Tea Inspector Extension Officer in your area for checking of pH.

Places where applications could be obtained – No applications

Places - Societies / Offices of the Tea Inspectors Extension Officers / Sub Offices / Extension Centres

Times of submission

Only on Wednesdays of the week if submitted to Sub Offices. If submitted to Regional Office or Extension Centre, on any working day of the week.

Fess payable to obtain the service

Rs.30/- for checking of one sample.

Time taken to obtain the service (Normal services and priority services)

Within two weeks after submission of soil sample.

Staff officers in charge of the service

Designation Name Division Telephone Fax e-mail
Head Office
Deputy General Manager (Extension)
Mr.K.G.B.Obeysekera Extension 0112787557 0112784928
Regional Manager
(Of the relevant area)
- - - - -
Assistant Regional Manager - - - - -
Senior Tea Inspector / Extension Officer - - - - -
Tea Inspector / Extension Officer - - - - -


Organization Information

Tea Small Holdings Development Authority

No 70,
Parliament Road,

Telephones:0117909021 / 0117909020
Fax Nos: 0112784925 / 0112784928

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