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Coordination of commercial tea nurseries to provide quality V.P.tea plants

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  1. Being a person with knowledge and experience regarding tea nurseries
  2. Being a tea smallholder

Places where applications could be obtained – No applications
All Regional offices and sub offices of the Tea Small Holdings Development Authority

Times of submission
Regional offices -Any time during working hours of the week in the relevant year
Sub offices - On Wednesdays

Time taken to obtain the service (Normal services and priority services)
Within one month after submission of application.

Required confirmation documents
Documents to prove ownership for the land proposed for establishment of the nursery

Staff officers in charge of the service

Designation Name Division Telephone Fax e-mail
Deputy General Manager (Extension) Mr.K.G.B.Obeysekera Extension 0112787557 0112784928
Regional Manager and Assistant Regional Manager of the relevant area - - - - -
Senior Tea Inspector / Extension Officer - - - - -
Tea Inspector / Extension Officer - - - - -

Organization Information

Tea Small Holdings Development Authority

No 70,
Parliament Road,

Telephones:0117909021 / 0117909020
Fax Nos: 0112784925 / 0112784928

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