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Obtain a Project Loan

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A Loan scheme designed to help small and medium scale entrepreneurs at concessionary rates and terms. Loan could be obtained to start a new project or expansion of an existing business

To deliver development financing facilities to encourage new viable enterprises and to expand the existing enterprises up to the international level.

To whom
Micro, Small and Medium scale entrepreneurs.

Eligible Loan Sectors and Sub Sectors

Agriculture & Agro based industries Fisheries
Coconut based products
Paddy Mill
Dairy Farming
Other Agricultural Products
. .
Manufacturing / Industries Apparel
Furniture and wood products
Leather / rubber products & Footwear
Steel and metal
Chemicals and minerals
Engineering and Technology
Printing and Publishing
Food & beverages
Electrical & Electronic
Power Generation
�Services Health & Educational Services
Finance & business
Tourism & hotels
Other Services


Infrastructure Development �Hydro
�Mini Hydro
�Road Construction
�Building Construction

Priority Areas
Priority would be given for following sub sectors.

  • Perennial Crops
  • Dairy farming
  • Fisheries
  • Agro base industries
  • Other agricultural crops
  • Technology inputs

Whilst entertaining credit facilities for the development activities within the above sub sectors, priority would be given for the following categories and projects outside the western province.

  • Export Orientation
  • Import substitution
  • Value addition using local raw material
  • Employment generation

Eligible Loan Categories
Credit facilities will be given for following purposes within the above sub sectors

  • Purchase of equipment, plant & machinery and heavy vehicles for the specific projects
  • Construction of factory building, laboratories, hotel complex and related construction for specific projects.
  • Installation of machinery / equipment.
  • Acquiring advanced technology.
  • Obtaining professional’s / expert’s services for specific projects.
  • Self employment under micro financing.

General Criteria

Priority is given to the projects outside Western Province
The project should be based on local production and it should generate employment opportunities to the people of the area.
The proposed project should help in the growth of the GDP.
At least 30% of the cost of the project should be borne by the customer.
The maximum loan amount for a project is Rs.30.0Mn.
The applicant should not be a defaulter from any other bank.

Documents Required

  1. Project Report
  2. Completed Loan Application form
  3. If secured by Personal Guarantees, Statement of Guarantors and the income details of the guarantors
  4. If secured by immovable property, copy of the Deed, survey plan, and street line & non vesting certificates are to be submitted upon request.
  5. If and when required, license from regulatory authorities are required.

Time taken to grant the Loan
Depending on the project, collateral, and the size of the loan the time may Vary.

Organization Information

Lankaputhra Development Bank

No 80,
Nawala road,

Mr. Sumeda Edirisuriya
Telephones:011 2821030 / 011 2821035
Fax Nos:011 2821031

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