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Homagama Pradeshiya Sabhawa

Pradeshiya Sabhawa

Head of the Organization

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Services Offered:

dot   Issue of Non Acquisition Certificates
dot   Hiring of Play Grounds and Halls Belonging to the Pradeshiya Sabha
dot    Digging the Roads for Laying Water Pipes
dot   Public Library Service
dot   Providing Ayurveda Medical
dot   Maintenance of Children’s park
dot   Environmental programs
dot   Obtaining environmental protection permit
dot   Establishment and Maintenance of Community Centers
dot   Opening and maintenance of pre- schools
dot   Approval of Blocks of Land
dot   Approval of the building plans
dot   Issue of the certificate of conformity
dot    Assessment of property
dot   Recovery of Assessment tax
dot   Recovery of Entertainment tax
dot   Issue of License for Public Performance
dot   Providing License for Clubs
dot   Issue of License for Sale of Meat
dot   Leasing of Trade Stoles Belonging to Pradeshiya Sabha
dot   Levying of taxes on Undeveloped Lands
dot   Levying of taxes on Certain Lands
dot   Registration of Changes of the Ownership of the Lands and Buildings.
dot   Granting Trade License and Recovery of Trade Tax
dot   Recovery of Taxes for Vehicles and Animals
dot   Miscellaneous development works
dot   Acquisition of Roads
dot   Acquisition of Lands
dot   Transport of Garbage
dot   Removal of Dangerous Trees
dot   Action on Public Complaints
dot   Issue Certificates of Street line
dot   Granting Permission for Propaganda Notices for Public Attention
dot   Garbage Disposal Activities
dot   Obtaining Sewerage Disposal Services
dot   Drgging of Road for Plumbing
dot    Crematoriums and Cemeteries Service
dot   Approval for Construction of Monuments in the Cemeteries
dot   Naming of Roads
dot   Supply of Various Information on the Area of Authority
dot   Photic of of Streets,Public Places,Public Buildings

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