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Civil Aviation Authority

Minuwangoda Road (Opposite Radar Tower),

Location Map

Head of the Organization

Mr. Ananda Wimalasena

Contact :

Contact Person

Ms. Lakpani Dias
Designation : Programme Assistant
Tel :

General Information

Telephones : 011-2358800
Fax Nos : 011-2257154
Email :
Website :

Services Offered:

dot   Issuance of SPL
dot    Issuance of CPL/IR conversion
dot    Registration of Aircraft
dot    Renewal of SPL
dot   Renewal of SPL
dot   AML Issuance
dot   AML Extension for other category
dot   English Language Proficiency Check
dot   High Rise Structure Approval
dot   ATPL Conversion
dot   Direct Issuance of CPL/IR
dot   Air Transport Provider Liscence Issuence
dot   ATPL Renewal
dot    Approval of amendments for Manuals of Aircraft Maintenance Organisations
dot   Approval of Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMO), including facility Inspection (foreign)
dot   Issuance of Assistant Flight Instructor Rating
dot   Issuance of Flight Instructor Rating
dot   Issuance of Air Traffic Controller Licence
dot    Issuance of Air Traffic Controller Licence
dot   Approval of a workshop of Aircraft Maintenance Organisation
dot   Flying School Licence
dot   Ground Instructor Authority
dot   Ground Instructor Licence
dot   Air Traffic Controller Licence
dot   Air Traffic Controller Ratings
dot   PPL
dot   Technical Examination Aeroplane/ Helicopter For [CPL, CPL/IR, IR Integrated]
dot   Conversion of Foreign Licence –PPL/CPL/CPL-IR/ATPL
dot   Conducting Validation Examination
dot   Approval of Import / Export of Spare Parts
dot    Approval of Technical Training Organizations (TTO) of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
dot    Evaluation & Approval of Training Control Manual (TCM) of Technical Training Organisations
dot   Approval of Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMO), Including facility Inspection (local)
dot   Evaluation & Approval of Maintenance Control Manual
dot   Renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness
dot   Issuance of Certificate of Airworthiness
dot   AME Renewal
dot   Conducting Validation Examination
dot   Registration of Aircraft
dot   Renewal of Registration
dot   Air Transport Providers Licence

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