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Urban Development Authority

6th and 7th Floors

Head of the Organization

Mr. Nimal Perera

Contact :
+94-011-2877471 / 73

Contact Person

Mrs. Pushpa Gamage
Designation : Director (GIS)
Tel : +94-011-2872390

General Information

Telephones : 011-2875916 to 2875920, 011-2873644, 011-2873647, 011-2873649, 011-2873651, 011-2873652, 011-2875333
Fax Nos : 011-2872390
Email :
Website :

Other Office Details:

Provincial Offices, District Offices and Sub-Offices


Urban Development Authority Act - No.41 of National State Assembly - 1978.

Our Vision

To be at the center of Sri Lanka’s development by creating urban centers, in which people will continue to want to live, work and play.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare development plans and to promote, implement and regulate development activities with a view to achieving the position of a financially independent and globally admired creator of fully-fledged, sustainable urban centers.

Our Activities

The Urban Development Authority (UDA) is a multi-disciplinary organization engaged in urban planning and sustainable urban development in Sri Lanka.UDA is the Premier Urban Planning Agency in Sri Lanka in promotion of integrated planning and implementation of social, economic and physical development of the areas declared under the UDA Law.

The main activities of the UDA are:

  • Carrying out integrated planning and physical development of declared urban areas.
  • Formulating and submitting development plans, including capital investment plans.
  • Undertaking the execution of development projects and schemes.
  • Formulating and implementing urban land use policy.
  • Developing environmental standards and preparing schemes for the environmental improvement of urban areas.
  • Providing technical planning services

Services Offered:

dot   Obtaining a Permit for Development Activities
dot    Obtaining Preliminary Planning Clearance for Development Activities
dot   Obtaining Preliminary Planning Clearance for Change of Use
dot   Obtaining Preliminary Planning Clearance for BOI Projects
dot   Obtaining Preliminary Planning Clearance for Hotel Projects
dot   Obtaining Preliminary Planning Clearance for Telecommunication Towers
dot   Obtaining planning clearance for the development of low-lying lands and paddy lands
dot   Removal of unauthorized constructions
dot   Obtaining lands belong to urban development authority for development activities
dot   Claiming of compensation by owners of all lands acquired
dot   Obtaining particulars of settlers in the acquired and vested lands of UDA
dot   Filing action by legal division in terms of the urban development act
dot   Preparation of deeds by the legal division in terms of the urban development authority act
dot   Preparation of agreements by the legal division in terms of the urban development act
dot   Obtaining a resolution for the environmental Impacts from the development projects
dot   Obtaining Consultancy Services for Projects
dot   Obtaining Kala duwa in the Bairai lake on rent basis for various requirments

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