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YOU ARE HERE: Home Divisional Secretariats Divisional Secretariat, Colombo
Divisional Secretariat, Colombo

Divisional Secretary,
Colombo Divisional Secretariat,
Dam Street,
Colombo 12.

Location Map

Head of the Organization

Divisional Secretary
Mrs. M.A.S.Kanchana Gunawardhana

Contact :
Tel : 011 2434902
Fax : 011 2325512

Contact Person

Designation :
Tel :

General Information

Telephones : 011-2437247
Fax Nos : 011-2325512
Email :
Website :

Other Office Details:


Services Offered:

dot   Obtaining a Government Land Free of Charge
dot   Obtaining Free Government Land Developed Unauthorized
dot   L.L. permit to a Jayabhumi / Swarnabhumi grant
dot   Obtaining Government Lands on Lease
dot   The Unauthorized Developed Land Obtaining on Lease
dot   Pay Valued Amount of Acquired Lands
dot   Permit to fell trees
dot   Obtaining Permits for Transporting Timber
dot   Obtaining Permits for Transporting Furniture
dot   Liquor Permit
dot   Pawnbrokers License
dot   Income Statement
dot   Obtain Conductors License
dot   Obtaining Public Assistance
dot   Obtaining Assistance for Illness
dot   Obtaining Probation Assistance
dot   Obtaining Equipment for the Handicapped
dot   Obtaining Funds in Case of Emergency
dot   Causal Relief fund
dot   Elderly and Child Welfare
dot   Special Fund
dot   Birth certificate from Divisional Secretariat
dot   Copy of birth certificate from divisional secretariat
dot   Make changes in the present birth certificate through divisional secretariat
dot   Marriage certificate from divisional secretariat
dot   Copy of Marriage certificate from divisional secretarit
dot   Registration of Death Through Divisional Secretariat
dot   Copy of death certificate from divisional secretaria
dot   Obtain New Vehicle License (Three Wheeler / Motor Cycles) from Divisional Secretariat
dot   Renewal of Vehicle License Through Divisional Secretariat
dot   Civil Pension Schemes
dot   Widows/Widowers and Orphans Pension Scheme
dot   Appeal for Samurdhi relief
dot   Handling of complaints of wrongfully obtained Samurdhi relief

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