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Obtaining a National Identity Card, under One Day Service (ODS)

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Obtaining a National Identity Card (NIC) under One Day Service (ODS)
A Service to obtain an ID card within a day was commenced from 01st September 2009 to issue NICs to applicants who wish to obtain NICs for urgent purposes. The Department charges a fee of Rs 500/= per Application for one day service as approved by the government.

Certification of applications

  • By the Grama Niladhari & the Divisional Secretariat of the respective area.
  • By estate Superintendent ( in the case of state Applications)
  • By the relevant School Principal or the “Parivenadipathi Thero” in the case of School applications for first time registration.

Acceptance of Application

  • From persons who are less than 20 years of age for first time registration.
  • From persons who apply for corrections or amendments to the old NIC.
  • From persons who apply for a duplicate NIC for a lost ID where relevant documents could be easily traced in the Department.

Issuance of National Identity Cards
It is compulsory for an applicant to be present at the Department personally to submit their application and obtain his /her NICs after issuance. However, in the event of applicant being unable to present himself /herself at the Department, a family member whose relationship (father /mother/Children/ Husband / Wife) is supported by documentary evidence or person who possesses an authorization letter by the applicant can obtain the applicant’s NIC after issuance by the Department.

Organization Information

Department of Registration of Persons

Department of Registration of Persons
10th Floor
Sri Subhuthipura Road

Mr. A.P.G. Roshan Amarasinghe
Fax Nos:+94-11-2862290

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