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Withdrawal of Employees Provident Fund (At Retirement on Completion of Age)

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Withdrawal of Employees Provident Fund (EPF) (At Retirement on Completion of Age)

Eligibility Limitations

  • Every employee should make a claim at his retirement on completion of age.
  • Such claimant should have satisfied all conditions laid down by the employees Provident Fund Division.
  • A male - Retirement on completion of 55 years of age.
  • A Female - Retirement on completion of 50 years of age.

Following Documents Should be Forwarded in Support of the Above Requirement

  1. Certificate of Birth

  2. A photo copy of the National Identity Card with a certificate on it from the employer or Divisional Secretary.
  3. A photo copy of the Bank Pass Book for crediting the money.

Step by Step Procedure

Step 1 : Receiving the application of the claimant.

Step 2 : Required certification on the perfected application

Step 3 : Forwarding the perfected application together with the required documents

Step 4 : Checking by the Labour Department Officers concerned

Step 5 : Referring to the Employees Provident Fund Division of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Step 6 : Referring the amount in credit in the account by the Employees Provident Fund Division

Applications which have not satisfied the requirements in full will be rejected.

Time to be Taken for the Service

Time to be taken will be one month if the property perfected application is handed over together with the required certificates.

Incomplete applications will require time till they are completed.

Time to be Submitted

Days : From Monday to Friday of the week
Time : From 08:30 a.m to 4:15 p.m.
Holidays : Public and mercantile holidays. Application forms will be issued free of charge.

Essential Documents

In the absence of the Certificate of Birth certificate of provable age issued by Grama Niladhari 6 Divisional Secretary will be accepted.

To be certified by the employer. When the institution is closed it should be certified by the Grama Niladhari ,Divisional Secretary.

  • Date of birth of the estate sector employees may be certified by the Superintendent of estate.
  • Certificate issued in terms of the Indo- Ceylon Agreement No. 15 of 1967 may be submitted.
  • When the institution is closed, priority is to be given to personal particulars.
  • Letter of indemnity when a new charge has taken place during the closure of the institution.

Service Responsibility

Designation Division Address Telephone Fax
Assistant Commissioners of Labour
EPF/Claims Branch Division Employees Provident Fund 011-2368911 011-2368914

Special Circumstances

In the absence of the Card B of the applicant it should be brought to the notice of the employees Provident Fund Division.
A duplicate can be obtained on submission of the perfected B form together with a fee of Rs. 1.00

Duplicates are issued by the Assistant Commissioner of Labour Central Files Division, Employees Provident Fund, Department of Labour, Colombo 05 only.

The service can be obtained by being present personally or by post. For the purpose of obtaining the service, the fee of Rs. 1.00 may be paid by cheque, money order or by being present personally.

Organization Information

Department of Labour

Labour Secretariat,
Colombo 05.

Mr. CN Withanachchi
Telephones:(+94)11 2581142 / 3, (+94)11 2581146
Fax Nos:(+94)11 2581145

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