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Department of Animal Production and Health

Department of Animal Production and Health
P.O.Box 13,
Sri Lanka

Head of the Organization

Director General
Dr. (Mrs.) R. Hettiarachchi

Contact :
+94 81 2388195

Contact Person

Dr.S.S.P. Silva
Designation : Director (Livestock planning and Economics)
Tel : +94 81 2388195

General Information

Telephones : +94 81 2388195
Fax Nos : +94 81 2388619
Email :
Website :

Services Offered:

dot   01.Approval for Importation of Domestic and Wild Animals
dot   02.Approval for Importation of Ornamental Fish and Edible Fish for Aquaculture
dot   03.Approval for importation of meat and meat products
dot   04.Approval for importation of frozen fish and fish products
dot   05.Approval for importation of animal leather with fur
dot   06.Approval for importation of finished or semi processed leather
dot   07.Approval for importation of Deep frozen animal semen
dot   08.Approval for importation of day old chicks
dot   09.Approval for importation of feather and other poultry by products
dot   10.Registration of poultry breeder farms
dot   11.Registration of poultry abattoir and processing establishments
dot   12.Obtaining recommendations for importation of animal feed/materials
dot   13.Providing license to manufacture / import animal feed/ingredients
dot   14.Registration of Veterinary pharmaceuticals
dot   15.Approval for export of pet animals, ornamental fishes, meat and meat products, animal by products
dot   16.Registration of Livestock farms (excluding poultry farms)

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