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Department of Agriculture

Old Galaha road,
Sri Lanka.

Head of the Organization

Director General of Agriculture
Dr. Rohan Wijekoon

Contact :

Contact Person

Dr. Rohan Wijekoon
Designation : Director General of Agriculture
Tel : 0812-388157

General Information

Telephones : +94-812-388 331,+94-812-388 332, +94-812-388 334
Fax Nos : +94-812388333
Email :
Website :

Other Office Details:

Services Offered:

dot   HORDI: Agriculture library services
dot   FCRDC - Providing mother plants of recommended fruit varieties released by
dot   FCRI - Soil Testing Service - FCRI
dot   SCPPC -Seed health testing for locally produced or imported seeds
dot   SCPPC -Seed research on problems faced by the division during quality control and by seed handlers
dot   FCRDI-Food Technology Division
dot   SEPC -Publication on
dot   SEPC -Conduct socio economics research
dot   SEPC -Policy analysis
dot   SEPC -Crop forecasting
dot   SEPC -Publication on
dot   SEPC -Publication on AgStat
dot   SEPC - Project coordination and planning
dot   SEPC -Database management
dot   SEPC -Training programmes/Lectures/Presentations
dot   FCRDC Providing mother plants of recommended fruit varieties released by
dot   ETC- Women’s Agriculture Extension Service
dot   ETC- Agriculture extension work to improve and enhance the Young Farmers Club
dot   ETC- Producing about 250 diploma holders in Agriculture annually.
dot   ETC- Agriculture extension services in inter- provincial areas under major-irrigation scheme.
dot   ETC- Short term training course on potential agro-enterprises
dot   ETC- Commercial Farm Development Advisory Service
dot   ETC- Island wide Agricultural extension services on water management
dot   ETC- Conducting one year certificate course in agriculture
dot   ETC- Monitoring & Guiding of Tobacco cultivation & Barn registration
dot   ETC- Extension activities on Plant Nutrition & Organic Agriculture,
dot   ETC- Update Knowledge of the officers of Department of Agriculture
dot   ICC: National telecasting on success stories of farmers
dot   ICC- Providing training on AV teaching aids and presentation technology 
dot   ICC- Radio programmes in Agriculture
dot   ICC- Sales of Agriculture publications
dot   ICC- agriculture advisory service
dot   ICC- Visits to Agriculture Technology Parks in Gannoruwa and Batatha
dot   Extension &Training: Advisory service for establishing commercial farms
dot   Extension &Training: Agriculture extension services in Inter-provincial areas
dot   ICC- Duplicating VCD/DVD on agricultural TV programmes broadcasted
dot   Extension &Training: Training on agriculture enterprise development
dot   Extension &Training: Conducting Agriculture Exhibitions
dot   FCRDI-Field Crops: Providing breeder seeds of OFC
dot   FCRDC-Field Crops: Soil Testing Service
dot   FCRDI-Field Crops: Solving field problems related to field crops
dot   HORDI-Horticultural crops: Supply of Horticultural Seed & Planting Material
dot   HORDI-Horticultural crops:Advisory Services to solve farmers problem
dot   HORDI-Horticultural crops: Analytical services: ELISA
dot   HORDI-Horticultural crops: Analytical services: Soil & Organic manure analysis
dot   HORDI-Horticultural crops:Training Programmes
dot   RRDI-Rice: Dissemination of proven technologies and newly improved rice varieties
dot   RRDI-Rice: Dissemination of proven technologies on Plant Protection, Agronomy, etc.
dot   RRDI-Rice: Distribution of seed paddy
dot   RRDI-Rice: Providing field visits and diagnosis of problems of rice cultivation
dot   Providing seed paddy samples
dot   RRDI-Rice: Soil testing
dot   SCPPC-Pesticides: Awareness/ Training on Safe & effective use/handling of Pesticides
dot   SCPPC-Pesticides: Certification for Pesticides dealers 
dot   SCPPC-Pesticides: Certification for seller
dot   SCPPC-Pesticides: Field compliant on pesticides
dot   SCPPC-Pesticides: Pesticide Analysis
dot   SCPPC-Pesticides: Registration of Pesticides
dot   SCPPC-Plant Genetic Resources: Providing information on plant genetic resources
dot   SCPPC-Plant Genetic Resources: Supplying of seed samples of traditional crop varieties
dot   SCPPC-Plant Protection: Advisory service and treatments for household pest control
dot   SCPPC-Plant Protection: Conducting Training Programmes on Plant Protection activities
dot   SCPPC-Plant Protection: Fumigation of seed/food stores to protect from pest infestation
dot   SCPPC-Plant Protection: Introduction of integrated pest management (IPM)
dot   SCPPC-Plant Protection: Introduction of the Bio control agents to control some weeds
dot   SCPPC-Plant Quarantine: Issuing phytosanitary certificate on agricultural commodities
dot   SCPPC-Plant Quarantine: Issuing phytosanitary certificate on agricultural commodities
dot   SCPPC-Seed Certification: Conducting inquiries on complaints against seed or planting materials
dot   SCPPC-Seed Certification: Conducting post control verification trials against complaints
dot   SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of fruit plant nurseries
dot   SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of seed and planting material handlers
dot   SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of seed production crops and certification of produced seeds
dot   SCPPC-Seed Certification: Seed testing for locally produced or important seeds
dot   SCPPC-Seed Certification: Selection of superior fruit mother plants for multiplication
dot   SCPPC-Seed Certification: Training and awareness programme on quality seed and planting material 
dot   SCPPC: Issuance of import permits to import plant, planting material and plant products

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