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General Services provided by the Department

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These are the general services provided by the Department of Probation and Child Care Services, Western Province

  1. Rehabilitation and socialization of Children directed by any Court of Law in the island.
  2. On Court orders, providing children with temporary remand and facilities needed.
  3. Providing residential protection and facilities to orphaned, destitute, deserted and abused children
  4. Conducting investigations on information required by the Courts-of-Law and producing reports to the Courts.
  5. Providing advice and help for persons who are handed over to the custody of the Probationary officials on Court orders
  6. Providing fit person aids to bright children of low income families who are keen on studies
  7. Protection of Children’s rights, educating the public on harmful effects of child abuse and drug addiction
  8. Registration of Child Development Centers (earlier identified as Children’s Homes) within the Western Province and enrollment of children to these Centers
  9. Providing ad hoc aid and maintenance aid to those centers and providing children with welfare facilities and supervision�
  10. Registration of Day Care Centers within the Western Province, providing ad hoc aid and maintenance aid to those centers and supervision
  11. Assigning orphaned, deserted children for adoption
  12. Providing “Sisumina” scholarships for the school attending children of low income families.

It is kindly informed that according to the Statute of Child Development Center No. 01 of 2008, it is illegal to maintain a Child Development Center within the Western Province, without getting registered under the Department of Probation and Chile Care Services, Western Provicne.

To get the desired services from the Department it is not necessary to come to the Department. Forward your request to the relevant Probation office in your area.

Organization Information

Department of Probation and Child Care Services, Western Province

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,

Telephones:011 – 2865997(Commissioner), 011 – 2865998(Asst Comm.), 011 – 2865999(General)
Fax Nos:011 - 2865848

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