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Assigning Children for Legal Adoption

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The married couple expecting to obtain a child should be registered at the department. The department shall publish a list of names of children who are to be assigned for adoption from time to time at all the Probation Offices of the Province and at Divisional Secretariats. The couples who have got registered to obtain a child, should present three names of children whom they are willing to adopt, to the Provincial Commissioner, after observing the children published by those lists. An interview will be conducted by a Three-Party Committee that has been appointed by the Provincial Commissioner and children will be assigned to couples who have obtained high marks to the criteria designed by the department.

Up to now, the number of applicants registered at the Department for legal adoption of children is 1607. Though it has become difficult to assign children for adoption for all the registered applicants, it has been planned that by informing these applicants about the situation, to provide temporary custody and guardianship from year 2010 under alternative programmes like foster parents and nutri- parents. 

Foster-Parent scheme
There are more than 3000 children in 90 child development centers of the Western Province under residential care. It is expected to provide these children with parental affection and mental security through selected foster parents. The final aim of this project is to assign the foster parents the permanent custody of children who do not have custodians or guardians

Nutri-parents scheme
This is a programme that has been introduced by the Department of Probation of the Central Government. It is expected to take further actions on this programme depending on the instructions received from the above mentioned department.

Proposed Programme - 2010

It has been proposed to implement a programme to provide residential children with parental love and affection through alternative programmes like foster parents and nutri-parents, by selecting the personnel registered at the Department as applicants for legal adoption of children, as a target group. After completing the programme of informing the registered applicants in year 2009, action will be taken to socialize institutionalized children by implementing the proposed programme in 2010.

Organization Information

Department of Probation and Child Care Services, Western Province

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,

Telephones:011 – 2865997(Commissioner), 011 – 2865998(Asst Comm.), 011 – 2865999(General)
Fax Nos:011 - 2865848

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